Bossa Studios invites 1000 PC Gamer readers to its Decksplash alpha playtest

Bossa Studios—the team behind Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and the in-development Worlds Adrift—is hard at work on its next game Decksplash, a skateboarding sim that echoes Splatoon. 

Said to also draw from the likes of Jet Set Radio, OlliOlli, Rocket League, Tony Hawk’s, Sunset Overdrive and Crazy Taxi—Decksplash is now gearing up for its first alpha playtest, and Bossa wants the PC Gamer readership to get in on the action. 

With 1000 invites up for grabs, all that's required of you is to follow this link which, after completing a short survey, will log your name into the giveaway. Before the playtest begins, Bossa will select 1000 readers at random and invite them to play via email. 

Billed as a "fast and frantic 3 vs 3 arcade-multiplayer turf-war game with skateboards", here's Decksplash's latest trailer:

Again, head in this direction to register for the Decksplash alpha playtest.

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