How to read Eridian Writing in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 eridian writing
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How do you read Eridian Writing in Borderlands 3? If you're early in the game and you've come across these cryptic clues, you're going to have to be patient. When you sidle up to one and hit 'E', your Vault Hunter will meet it with bemused indifference. We certainly understand the urge to tick everything off on your map, but you'll need to crack on with the main story before you can decipher these sci-fi symbols.

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Borderlands 3 Eridian Writing is one of many types of collectables in Gearbox's third major entry to their looter-shooter series. You have Dead Claptrap parts to pilfer, vehicle parts to acquire, and broadcast towers to sabotage, to name a few. For the most part you can tick these off at any time to satisfy your completionist urge, but yo'll have to backtrack to read Eridian Writings. So, here's far you need to progress, first.

How to read Borderlands 3 Eridian Writing

We hope you're feeling patient: you'll be waiting until you reach near the end of the game, so that depends on how quickly you're burning through it. Typically, if you're going pretty fast and ignoring most of the sidequests, you can expect to be able to read Eridian Writing about 25-30 hours in. If you're taking on side missions, expect that to be more like 30-40.

At which point—in a location we won't spoil—you'll get the Eridian Analyzer. This, naturally, is the device with which you can understand these mystical icons. Remember, you just need to plug through the main story; you will get this device before the credits roll.

But, arguably a bigger question is what you get as a reward for trudging back through previously-visited planets? For each symbol read, you'll be showered in Eridium, bright purple premium currency that you can expect to get more of closer to endgame.

Eridium is spent with Crazy Earl in his shop on the lowest deck of Sanctuary. There's a vending machine that sells special guns that can only be purchased with the purple stuff and a manned storefront that offers skins, heads, decorations, and more. All in all, if that sounds like your thing—or you just hate to leave collectables lying around—get your head down, and crack on with that campaign.

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