Borderlands 3's 2019 roadmap vaguely revealed

(Image credit: Gearbox)

We got a look at the Borderlands 3 post-launch roadmap at PAX today. Well, sort of. It's pretty vague with no hard dates and not a lot of description, but at the very least we know there'll be some free updates before the end of 2019, along with the paid DLC that's included in the season pass.

First up in the free column is the 'Bloody Harvest Event' which we can assume will arrive in time for Halloween in October. It will include 'spooky activities' and 'unique event rewards.'

Following that, there's the Maliwan Takedown—takedown being the Borderlands word for raid. It includes an all-new map, which we can all agree is way better than including an old map. There will be 'challenging' yet undefined new enemies, a new boss, and 'powerful rewards' that are as yet unspecified apart from Randy Pitchford saying they're "badass."

That's the free stuff. There's paid stuff too, when DLC 1—a snappy title—arrives. It will include a new campaign add-on and will feature 'details to be announced', which is so enticing it just makes me want to open my wallet and buy it right now.

So, Gearbox was a bit cagey with the finer details, but that's because it plans to reveal them in an upcoming episode of The Borderlands Show, a new podcast hosted by Greg Miller. The first episode will take place on September 6 and streamed on Twitch during the Borderlands 3 pre-launch party.

Christopher Livingston
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