Borderlands 2 VR confirmed for PC

Borderlands 2 has already come to VR via the PlayStation 4, but an ESRB rating from earlier this year suggested we'd eventually be able to play the VR version on PC as well. Now it's been confirmed courtesy of the trailer above, and will be here in fall 2019. The PS4 version's getting a free update adding the DLC, which will hopefully also be true of the PC version.

This version of Borderlands 2 will apparently come with "new skills to virtually pay the bills" including a slow-motion ability called BAMF or Bad Ass Mega Fun time. Looks like there's a teleport-to-move system as well, with blue circles appearing where the player's about to zip to.

Multiplayer doesn't get mentioned, so this might well be a singleplayer-only deal as it is on PS4. Still, I imagine it'll be fun to look Face McShooty right in the virtual eyes before shooting him in the head.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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