Blood Bowl 3 gets an August release date and a fake beer ad

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When Blood Bowl 3 (opens in new tab) was first announced it had a release window of 2020, which was then punted back to "early 2021". That date has now taken another kicking and has shifted to August 2021. As the official Twitter account explains (opens in new tab), "We were a bit optimistic when we announced early 2021 back in September and we apologize for those who are disappointed." 

The other thing their Twitter account had to show us was a beer commercial that, while fake, has left me feeling a bit thirsty.

In the Warhammer World, Bugman's XXXXXX is a famous beer created by dwarf master brewer Josef Bugman. When his brewery was burned down by a goblin warlord with the wonderful name Git Guzzler, the brewer swore revenge, and now leads a band of warriors known as Bugman's Rangers who enact thirsty violence on their enemies. (There's an actual Warhammer theme restaurant called Bugman's Bar (opens in new tab) in Nottingham.) In the alternate vision of the setting presented in Blood Bowl, Bugman's XXXXXX is a sponsor of the game of fantasy football, hence this ad for it.

We don't know much about Blood Bowl 3, except that it will launch with 12 teams: Black Orcs, Imperial Nobility, Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegade, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, Elven Union, Humans, Nurgle, Old World Alliance, Orcs, and Skaven. Blood Bowl 2 came in at number five in our list ranking every Warhammer Fantasy game (opens in new tab), but there's always room for improvement. It could have AI that tries to pass the ball occasionally, for starters.

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