Blizzcon 2011 kicks off today, here's what to expect


The annual festival celebrating all things Blizzard is set to kick of later today. We've flown Rich out to kill ten wordboars and level up his reporting skills till he finds us some news, and there's sure to be plenty. Blizzard are pretty guarded as to what's on the agenda, but there are some huge potential announcements. We'll be covering them all for you throughout the two day event.

As ever we'll be seeing lots of World of Warcraft , with more information on Blizzard's plans for the future of the MMO. Blizzard recently revealed that they have two World of Warcraft expansions planned for the next three years , could we see one announced at Blizzcon? There are rumours of a Mists of Pandaria expansion in the works, could we see that this weekend?

One game that certainly will be there will be Diablo 3 , will Blizzard add new features to the beta? Perhaps they'll take some time to tackle the controversial Diablo 3 real money auction house at the Diablo 3 open Q&A panel.

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm will be present too. Blizzard have recently been teasing Starcraft units for the game, and with a major tournament taking place at Blizzcon, it would seem the sensible place to unveil them. E-sports enthusiasts will have a lot to look foward too, as we'll also be seeing the GSL finals reach their thrilling conclusion.

It's been a long time since we heard anything about Blizzard's marketplace , for selling mods and maps via Starcraft 2. However with Starcraft Universe on show, we could be seeing more from it soon.

Blizzard Dota is also on the schedule. With League of Legends enjoying phenomenal success, and Valve's DOTA 2 on the way Blizzard could be looking to get their own entry into the MOBA genre on display soon.

Finally, there's the outside bet, the mysterious Project Titan . It's unlikely that we'll hear anything about this closely guarded secret, but who knows? It's Blizzcon. Anything could happen.

What do you expect to see at this year's Blizzcon? Alternatively, what are you hoping for?