Fan-made MMO StarCraft Universe playable through October 30


After watching countless fan projects rapidly morph into lightning rods for litigation and stagnation, I do believe StarCraft Universe is the closest thing the modern world has to a bonafide miracle. It's a StarCraft sort-of-MMO that bloodily erupted from the fertile soils of StarCraft II's map creation tools. And the best part? After a quick nip-and-tuck to its name, it even got Blizzard's blessing .

Wait, no. That's not the best part. Not anymore. The real best part is that you can play it - or at least, its PVP arena - from now until October 30 . After that, it's receding back into the fog of war and/or game development "since technically it isn't even ready for an open beta." And while beggars can't be choosers, every class kitted out with level 30 gear is hardly moldy table scraps.

So go check it out while you still have the chance. Just search "SC Universe PvP - Dev Preview" on and you should be good to go. And maybe even a little jacked up. Maybe.