Blizzard reveals Overwatch and Hearthstone drop rates in South Korea

Earlier this year, Blizzard revealed the drop rates for Overwatch and Hearthstone in China, as required by Chinese law. Late last week, as reported by Inven Global, it did the same for South Korea, and it turns out that the drop rates are identical. 


  • Each card pack will have at least one Rare or higher card
  • Approximately one in five packs will have an Epic card
  • Approximately one in 20 packs will have a Legendary card 


  • Each loot box will contain at least one Rare item
  • An Epic item will appear once every 5.5 loot boxes, on average
  • A Legendary item will appear once every 13.5 loot boxes, on average 

Heroes of the Storm:

  • Every loot chest will contain, on average, 2.9 regular items and one rare item
  • Epic items will appear once per 4.5 loot boxes, on average
  • Legendary items will appear once every 17.5 loot boxes, on average

The so-called "pity timer" also appears to be in effect for Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, but no mention is made of it in relation to Overwatch. That all jibes with what was previously announced for China, suggesting that these drop rates apply everywhere—something we noted we couldn't be sure of when the Chinese rates were revealed. To be fair, we still can't, but it looks like a better bet.

Thanks, PCGamesN.   

Andy Chalk

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