Blizzard and TeSPA announce $100k collegiate Hearthstone tournament

TESPA Hearthstone

Blizzard announced today that the TeSPA collegiate Hearthstone championship, an event they ran last fall, will be back again this year with a new format and significantly larger prize pool. Similar to the Heroes of the Dorm tournament Blizzard hosted earlier this year preceding the launch of Heroes of the Storm, the teams will have a chance to win a portion of a $100K prize pool as scholarship money for their college education.

The competition format, however, is new to Hearthstone. Teams will be comprised of three students playing a single deck together at the same time. The team will be able to discuss plays during games, and won't switch players or decks between games in match. This is a very different format from most Hearthstone tournaments, including the Archon Team League—another competition with teams of three, but where each player uses two decks of their own.

The regular season will span over nine weeks, starting 28 September, with the championships being held in January. Registration for the tournament begins today, and you can see if you're eligible here.

Tom Marks
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