Blistering new trailer for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Burnout developers Criterion are in charge of the upcoming reboot of Need for Speed's Hot Pursuit , and it's looking pretty damn exciting. The world of Hot Pursuit is like a rough part of town where the gangs are in an arms race with the cops, except it's set in the wide alpine outdoors, and instead of guns it's got cars. Impossibly sleek, ludicrously expensive cars. See them action in the new trailer below.

The video shows cops using a classic Need for Speed law enforcement trick of throwing stingers about three quarters of the way across the road, so there's always a chance for the criminal to keep on escaping. I don't think the cops actually want to catch the criminals at all, they just want to use the whole 'cops and robbers' set up as an excuse to drive stupidly fast. Best. Plan. Ever.

Tom Senior

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