Blasphemous, a violent platformer by The Last Door devs, has blitzed its Kickstarter

If its fast-paced and brutally violent 2D platformers you're after, we're living in a bit of a golden age. Slain, Dead Cells, Butcher, Volgar the Viking... they're all belonging to this cherished continuum. Now you can add Blasphemous to this pantheon – a recently Kickstarter-funded game by the creators of The Last Door.

The project met and exceeded its $50,000 goal overnight, with the current figure sitting at a tidy $75,336. And it's not hard to understand why: as the gif embedded above demonstrates, it looks beautiful (if bloody) in action. According to the Kickstarter page you'll "explore a huge land" which feels "as open as it is oppressive". It'll also boast some RPG elements, and a bit of leeway to customise your approach to combat.

Some narrative context: "Set in the savage land of Orthodoxia, a place where religion is of the utmost importance in the eyes of the populace, superstition runs amok, and churches outnumber people two to one. You will find yourself in this hellish territory in the wake of the Age of Corruption."

There are a bunch of different funding tiers and stretch goals to peruse over on the Kickstarter page. The game is scheduled to launch proper in early 2019, though there will be an alpha and a beta throughout 2018. Check out the video below:

Shaun Prescott

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