Black Ops 4 DLC maps are free for the weekend

Every Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (opens in new tab) DLC map is free to play this weekend, if you're yet to shell out for the season pass. Elevation, Madagascar, Casino and Lockup will all be available for a test fight across all platforms. 

Unfortunately, this also serves as a reminder that it's 2019 and publishers like Activision are still splitting their games' communities by charging an additional £40/$50 to be able to get access to all the maps. 12 will be released eventually, but only four have appeared so far. 

If you want to check out what $50 will currently get you (there's more beyond maps, but only the maps are free this weekend), you'll be able to take them for a spin today at 10 am PT. The event will end at the same time on March 18. For the occasion, you'll get a x2 bump in XP, merits and tier progression. 

Next week, the Shamrock & Awe seasonal event will be kicking off on PC, too. It's already out on PS4. Expect shamrock, pots of gold, dancing leprechauns and green-eyed zombies. If you're Irish, maybe take the event off? Just for your sanity. 

Check out the event patch notes here (opens in new tab)

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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