Black Desert Online to get 'Savage Rift' defence mode tomorrow

After landing on Steam back in May, Austin Wood thereafter described Black Desert Online as "not a great MMO" but a "great sandbox RPG". Against the multitude of interesting stories that continue to bleed from its grounds, I reckon that's fair but, in a bid to win players round, Kakao Games and PearlAbyss have now announced 'Savage Rift'—a wave-based defence mode that's heading to the role-player tomorrow, August 30. 

Those interested are encouraged to "stand back to back" with comrades in order to protect the Sealed Tower from hostile enemy forces. Doing so will look something like this:

Banding together in groups of eight to ten, players can expect to be under the cosh for 25 rounds, with the final challenging pitting them against a "powerful field boss". Valuable loot and boss armour awaits successful battlers, but know that you'll be required to be at level 56 or higher in order to apply. 

"By accumulating points during the game, players can buy and employ siege weapons such as the Matchlock and Hwacha," says Kakao in a statement. "To increase the chances of survival, it is vital to deploy these weapons as soon as possible. This will enable groups to rake up, even more points which in turn gives players access to devastating weaponry. Points can be transferred to fellow party members to maximise the deployment strategy."

Should that tickle your fancy, Savage Rift arrives in Black Desert online tomorrow, August 30. Kakao also plans to host a dedicated stream on the game's official Twitch channel from 4pm BST/8am PST on Thursday, August 31.