BioWare teases an Anthem reveal at E3

E3 is less than two weeks away, in case you'd somehow managed to forget, and there's been a lot of action in the run-up to the big show teasing some of the big games we'll learn about when it arrives. Activision trotted out Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 earlier this month, and more recently Battlefield 5 got the big reveal treatment. Bethesda's teasing Fallout 76. Amidst it all, BioWare has taken a slightly more low-key approach to reminding everyone that it's got something cooking too. 

A couple of days earlier, it fired up the Anthem account for the first time in almost a year, too—not as impressive a silence as Cyberpunk 2077's four-year void, but still quite a stretch. 

The stirrings are not surprising. BioWare delayed Anthem into early 2019 at the beginning of this year, although it insisted that it wasn't really a delay so much as a rescheduling to accommodate Battlefield 5. Whatever the reason, the timing means that, barring an actual delay, Anthem was bound to have an E3 presence this year, and probably a big one.    

BioWare's general manager has also been stoking interest in Anthem in recent weeks with a monthly developer blog about the state and future of the studio, and Anthem in particular. In the most recent entry, he said BioWare is "trying something really different" in building a player-focused hero story within an online world, and promised that live gameplay and other details will be revealed at the EA Play event, which begins at 11 am PT/2 pm ET on June 9. 

Andy Chalk

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