Battlefield 5 release date set for October, watch the first trailer here

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Announced during today's Live Reveal event (opens in new tab), EA has confirmed October 19 as Battlefield 5's launch date.   

As hinted at earlier this week (opens in new tab), the long-serving shooter returns to World War 2, and marks the occasion with its first trailer. Here's that:

Moreover, EA says owners of the game's Deluxe Edition can check in early via its Early Enlister Access initiative from October 16. Those signed up to its Origin Access Play First Trial can deploy earlier still, from October 11. 

EA says an open beta will run between now and release, however that's without a hard launch date for now. 

Yesterday, we viewed a three hour presentation with tons of details about Battlefield 5, many of which weren't revealed during today's livestream—read all about them here.