BioWare releases update 1.6 for Star Wars: The Old Republic, trailer shows new Warzone

Star Wars The Old Republic Ancient Hypergate Warzone Force Lightning

Patch 1.6 rolled onto Star Wars: The Old Republic servers earlier today, opening access to the crackling Ancient Hypergate PVP Warzone and adding an additional set of rare items found in collection packs purchased from the in-game Cartel Market.

The patch notes also reveal the inclusion of new Elite War Hero PVP gear tier. Christmas-esque Life Day items are available for purchase in the Market, allowing a respected Jedi elder to teach the ways of the Force in Santa-red robes or a Sith swordsman to shower an opponent with a Tinsel Bomb before shoving a lightsaber through them. MMO blog Dulfy carries screenshots of all the new items offered in the update.

Omri Petitte

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