Star Wars: The Old Republic's Ancient Hypergate PVP Warzone in patch 1.6 tomorrow

Star Wars The Old Republic Ancient Hypergate PVP Warzone

As another excuse for psychokinetic light-stick wielders to beat each other silly, the anticipated Ancient Hypergate Warzone arena for Star Wars: The Old Republic's PVP pugilists hits servers tomorrow as part of patch 1.6. Subscribers can warp in straight away after routine maintenance ends at 6am PST/2pm GMT, but free-to-play warriors will have to plunk down Cartel Coins for access.

The Hypergate's objectives involve powering each side's Stargate-like portal through a most maliciously medieval energy source: the souls of the slain. Pile up the corpse count high enough, and your team can call in "deadly reinforcements" through the gate which presumably are Anubis aliens and a very confused James Spader.

The first major update since 1.5's introduction of the meatbag-melting HK-51 companion and Section X daily area, 1.6 also introduces six new heroic space missions and improves the Group Finder tool's usability with recommended gear level indicators for tougher Flashpoints.

Omri Petitte

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