Bioshock Infinite trailer talks storytelling and character in the floating city of Columbia

[bcvideo id="1244932021001"]

Ken Levine is joined by the voice actors who play Bioshock Infinite's protagonist, Booker, and his NPC companion, Elizabeth for the new trailer. The most telling moment comes when the actor who plays Elizabeth, Coutnee Draper, says that she doesn't know exactly how long her character has been kept captive because Levine hasn't decided yet. Later, Levine talks about the process of working with the actors, saying that "sometimes they'll bring something to the role and I'll change the role," confessing that "a lot of times I don't even know what I want." It's an interesting insight into Levine's flexible approach to creating the game's story, almost as though he's making it up as he's going along. It's a strategy that seems to be going well, the fourteen minutes of footage from E3 were incredible.

Tom Senior

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