BioShock Infinite loses two additional key staffers

Bioshock Infinite

Irrational Games lost two more BioShock Infinite team members last week as the latest of a series of shuffles and departures from the untypically quiet developer. Superannuation spotted the LinkedIn profiles of former Artificial Intelligence Lead Don Norbury and Combat Design Director Clint Bundrick reflecting the change.

Both Norbury and Bundrick took positions at Microsoft as Senior Software Design Engineer and Senior Designer, respectively. Irrational recently experienced the parting of Product Development Director Tim Gerritsen and Art Director Nate Wells from the company. Systems Designers Ken Strickland and Tyann Sylvester, Design Director Jeff McGann, and Senior Level Designer Steve Gayno also left Irrational earlier this year.

BioShock Infinite still maintains a February 2013 release schedule, with a Facebook countdown timer promising a new trailer reveal this weekend.

Omri Petitte

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