Bioshock Infinite release date set for October

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Put that Little Sister down, get those bees back in your arm and ready your skyhook, one of this year's most exciting games now has a release date. 2K say that Bioshock Infinite be out on October 16 in the US, and October 19 in Europe. We'll leave Rapture's damp, mouldy dungeons and take to the skies in the flying city of Colombia. Infinite will be brighter and less lonely than the original, but just as dangerous. As Pinkerton agent, Booker DeWitt, you'll be trying to protect your companion, Elizabeth, from the Songbird, an enormous evil robot crow. He's scary. Find out why in the E3 2011 trailer above.

Irrational recently revealed 1999 mode , an advanced difficulty mode that will offer scarcer resources and more meaningful levelling choices. That's just one of the reasons Bioshock Infinite is one of our games of 2012 . We'll get to see if it can live up to the hype in October, which feels very, very far away right now.

Tom Senior

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