Biomutant's pesky narrator can now be turned off

(Image credit: Experiment 101)

Biomutant will finally let you roam its wonderfully bizarre open-world without an Attenborough-esque narrator talking in infantile gibberish, thanks to the game's massive first patch.

The ambitious open-world critter adventure launched last week to fairly middling reviews. While much of that came down to some weightless combat and dated structure, Biomutant also drew criticism for its narrator—a Stanley Parable-esque figure who spoke over the game's events, representing the sole voice of the game's characters with a strangely cutesy, twee tone.

"David Shaw Parker's performance as the omnipotent narrator isn't bad, but his saccharine tone clashes with the fragmented English in the writing, which is often embarrassingly twee," James wrote in our Biomutant review. "I never want to hear a Shakespearian voice describe piss and shit as "yellow juice" and "brown bobs" ever, ever again."

Thankfully, this week's update will let you toggle off the game's narration. You can now choose whether you want to hear the gibberish voiceover from the game's animal's, narration, or both. Small tweaks have also been made to timing and volume to help dialogue flow better.

The update also introduces a slew of bug fixes and adjustments covering everything from the game's combat and quests to UI, sound, world and more. Experiment 101 has also added an "extreme" difficulty mode, alongside a New Game+ mode that'll let you pick perks from all classes.

Natalie Clayton
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