Big box PC games are alive and well in Taiwan

Walk into a game store in the US and you'll be lucky to find PC games at all. If you do find a PC section, be ready for some disappointing DVD cases with nothing inside but a slip of paper with a Steam key printed on it. Digital games sure cut down on clutter, but a recent visit to a few PC game stores in Taiwan reminded me how nice and colorful a cluttered shelf of big box PC games can be. 

Taiwan is like an alternate universe for PC games, one centered around Guang Hua Digital Plaza, a mall in Taipei filled with tiny electronics stores and component shops and game stores. My favorite ones focus exclusively on PC games, and I love how you can find classics (still shrinkwrapped!) right next to the biggest games of the last couple years.

The really fun part of exploring these stores is seeing the cover art used in Asia vs. the West. Sometimes it's the same, but with Chinese lettering instead of English. For some of these games, it's art I've never seen before.

Even in Taiwan, the majority of new PC games now come in standard DVD cases. For physical collectors, that's a lot better than nothing, but it's still a disappointment compared to the luxurious cardboard big boxes of the '90s. But as you'll see in this gallery, the big box dream is still alive: plenty of games still come in nice, chunky cases, and the retro selection is healthy. Browse and enjoy.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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