Big Bash Boom is an arcade cricket game by the creators of Ashes Cricket

I don't know anything about cricket except for how to spell 'cricket'. But I'm pretty familiar with the Ashes Cricket video game series, and I've written about the Don Bradman Cricket games as well.  Both of these games play it pretty straight, both feature simulation elements, but if you're after a lighthearted approach to cricket I don't think there's much out there. Until now.

Big Bash Boom is a forthcoming arcade cricket game by the Australian studio responsible for the two aforementioned games, Big Ant Studios. You can tell its an arcade game because the characters have funny oversized heads. The collaboration with Cricket Australia will feature all the teams and players featured in this year's Big Bash League and Women's Big Bash League, and mascots will feature as well (hopefully you can throw cricket balls at them or better still, beat them with a cricket bat. Stupid scary mascots).   

It sounds a bit like Mario Kart, except for cricket. You'll pick up power-ups on the field, one of which shrinks the bat to the size of a stump (that benefits the bowler and fielders, I assume). The balls leave blazing trails, the characters have giant heads (did I mention that?) and, uh, you can play with a potato instead of an authentic cricket ball.

"Our previous cricket games, such as last year’s Ashes Cricket, have been known for being authentic, simulation style takes on the sport,” Big Ant Studios CEO Ross Symons said. "We wanted to do something different with Big Bash Boom."

The game releases on Steam on November 29. There's not much in the way of gameplay footage knocking about, but here's the official teaser trailer:

Shaun Prescott

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