Beyond Good and Evil 2 concept art teased by Michel Ancel

Critically, Beyond Good and Evil was well received post-launch in 2003, however was considered a commercial disappointment. It’s since garnered somewhat of a cult following—a process perpetuated by the elusive sequel’s equally illusory development. A quick rummage into the PC Gamer archives tells me it’s been three years since BG&E 2 made the headlines—and eight years since development on the game began—however today the original’s creator, Michel Ancel, appears to have teased concept art for the much anticipated follow-up. 

Except, could it be a prequel? Here’s what Ancel posted on Instagram earlier: 

Those of you familiar with the first Beyond Good and Evil will recall the anthropomorphic boar character Pey’j—the entrusted caretaker of Jade who was also a mechanic. Could that be a younger apprentice Pey’j being shown the ropes while showing clear disregard for health and safety regulations? Very possibly. 

"Somewhere in system 4 ...—Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible!" reads an accompanying caption. System 4 was of course the area of the galaxy the original game took place within, so it seems a pretty safe bet that this artwork is tied to Beyond Good and Evil 2.

“It's still on the way. It's something at one point you will see, yes,” Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot said during E3 back in June. “It's difficult to say [if it's being 'actively worked on']. Michel is working on it, but he's doing two games at the same time, he's doing Wild at the same time. It's coming along, but he has to spend more time on it so we can see it faster."