Bethesda just dropped heaps of new Starfield concept art

Bethesda hosted a Skyrim 10th Anniversary Concert today, but it also looked forward to its next big RPG: Starfield. At the end of the broadcast, Todd Howard introduced composer Inon Zur, who has provided scores for the likes of Fallout 76, Outriders, Dragon's Dogma and Dragon Age II. What followed was a performance of the 'Starfield Suite' by the London Symphony Orchestra. 

It's definitely worth checking out—you can watch it at 51:39 above—but arguably more exciting is the appearance of more than a dozen new pieces of Starfield concept art. I've collected them below, but since they're lightly animated, it's probably worth watching the video, too.

These images are sure to stir desire in anyone who loves good ol' sci-fi paperback cover art, and they demonstrate just how varied the locations of Starfield will be: we see sandy wastelands, neon-strewn urban streets, dense and murky forests, futuristic city panoramas… it's a lot.

The Starfield release date is November 11. It'll be Bethesda Game Studios' first big singleplayer RPG since Fallout 4, and they're going all out: it apparently has twice as much dialog as Skyrim, and will be "a bit more hardcore" than what the studio has released before. 

Shaun Prescott

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