Bethesda confirms that Deathloop is releasing in May

Shortly after the PlayStation store appeared to spill the beans, Bethesda confirmed that Deathloop, Arkane's Swinging Sixties-inspired game of assassination parties that never end, will be out on May 21, 2021.

Deathloop is about a man named Colt who's trapped in a time loop on an island named Blackreef. It's a bit like Groundhog Day, except everyone has guns and the only way out is to kill eight targets scattered across the island before the day is done. There's more than just firepower in play, though: As we saw in an earlier gameplay trailer, Colt comes to the fight with some very Dishonored-like supernatural abilities.

The downside is that the island is filled with other people who really seem to be having a good time, and so will do whatever they can to keep him from ending the party. Foremost among them is Julianna Blake, the protector of Blackreef—a skilled assassin who's as eager to preserve the time loop as Colt is to end it. To that end, Deathloop will enable players to take on that villainous role and "invade" other players' campaigns.

Deathloop on PC is available for pre-purchase now via the launcher, and is "coming soon" to Steam.

Andy Chalk

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