Which class to choose in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

The Stabbomancer in Tiny TIna's Wonderlands
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In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, you'll need to choose from one of six fantastical classes for your character, otherwise known as a Fatemaker. Each one comes with unique skills and attributes, and some even come with a companion who'll aid you in battle. In this guide, I'll talk you through all six Tiny Tina's Wonderlands classes as well as give you my opinion on which is the "best".

Some classes, like the Clawbringer and Brr-Zerker are great for playing the campaign solo, whereas it would be better to play as Graveborn if you're dedicated to mostly co-op play given how risky the skills are for your health. The Spore Warden and Spellshot are another two classes that will work slightly better in co-op than in single-player, but if you like a challenge then playing the campaign solo as either of these classes will make for a fun time.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands classes 

The classes in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands are pretty different to those you'd encounter in the Borderlands universe, but the premise is much the same. Each class has a Class Feat and Action Skills that set it apart from the rest.  


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  • Class Feat: Wyvern Companion 
  • Action Skill 1: Cleansing Flames 
  • Action Skills 2: Storm Dragon's Judgement 

At present, I'm playing as a Clawbringer, which comes with a fire-breathing wyvern companion as its Class Feat that specialises in melee and elemental damage. It's a good class if you like to be in the middle of a fight as opposed to on the front lines or from a distance.

Your wyvern will attack enemies with its fire breath, which is extremely useful if you're facing lots of adds. The first Clawbringer action skill is Cleansing Flames, where you slam a massive hammer into the ground dealing AoE melee damage and creating a fire nova that causes fire damage to nearby enemies. The other skill is Storm Dragon's Judgement, where you can throw your hammer a la Mjolnir and cause lightning damage. It sticks wherever it lands and inflicts lightning ability damage to nearby enemies before you recall it.


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  • Class Feat: Dirty Fighting
  • Action Skill 1: Ghost Blade 
  • Action Skills 2: From the Shadows 

The Stabbomancer, as the name suggests, is a sneaky stabby type that focuses on Critical Hits. Its Class Feat is Dirty Fighting, where your critical hit chance is greatly increased. It also has the Ghost Blade ability, which spins in place dealing an AoE melee damage attack, though how powerful the damage is depends on the equipped weapon. You can also teleport the Ghost Blade to a targeted location.

You'll also get From the Shadows, where you'll become invisible and all damage dealt is a crit hit, though at slightly reduced damage. The Stabbomancer is good for players who like a jump-in-and-retreat-fast playstyle, which will let you inflict a lot of pain to bosses before quickly retreating to safety.


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  • Class Feat: Spellweaving 
  • Action Skill 1: Polymorph 
  • Action Skills 2: Ambi-hextrous 

The Spellshot class is the mage of Wonderlands, with the Class Feat of Spellweaving, where casting a spell or reloading increases spell damage that stacks. You'll also get Polymorph which transforms your enemy into a harmless Skeep for a few seconds, letting you search for ammo or health. You'll also get the Ambi-hextrous ability, where you can equip a second spell in your inventory. This class is good for front or mid-line damage, depending on the spell types you choose.  


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  • Class Feat: Demi-Lich companion 
  • Action Skill 1: Dire Sacrifice 
  • Action Skills 2: Reaper of Bones 

This gruesome character has a little Demi-Lich pal to aid them in battle, dealing out Dark Magic damage. Your first Graveborn ability is Dire Sacrifice, where you can sacrifice some health to deal Dark Magic ability damage and apply a status effect to all nearby enemies. There's also Reaper of Bones, where you'll be fully healed and gain Leech Efficiency, as well as throwing out bonus Dark Magic damage. 

The downside is your health is going to take a beating while the skill is active, but instead of dying you'll become invulnerable, giving you the chance to find healing items. This is a high-risk, high-reward class and you'll need to balance your inventory and spells to make sure you're regenerating health when you can.

Spore Warden

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  • Class Feat: Mushroom companion 
  • Action Skill 1: Barrage 
  • Action Skills 2: Blizzard 

This fungal friend comes with an ugly mushroom pal who deals poison damage to enemies. Your Fatemaker will also get Barrage skills, with which you can summon an Ethereal Bow and fire seven arrows that deal ability damage on impact before ricocheting twice between nearby enemies. It means you can be rubbish at archery, but still cause damage, which is nice.

There's also Blizzard, where you'll create three frost cyclones that seek out and damage enemies with frost ability damage. This class is good for middle and ranged-damage playstyles, so if you like to stay out the way, but still do some effective damage, the Spore Warden is your class.


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  • Class Feat: Rage of the Ancients 
  • Action Skill 1: Dreadwind 
  • Action Skills 2: Feral Surge 

This chilly dude offers some quality frost melee action and is definitely a class for those of you who want to be at the front and centre of a fight. The Class Feat, Rage of the Ancients, makes your Fatemaker enraged and adds bonus frost damage to all attacks. Dreadwind causes your Fatemaker to spin wildly, slashing everything nearby with your melee weapon like a jaggy tornado. Feral Surge has you leaping forward towards a target and unleashing frost ability damage to all nearby enemies. 

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