Which Ooblets club is right for you?

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Which Ooblets club should you choose? When you first arrive on the sandy shores of Badgetown, one of the first things you need is an ooblet—that's why you're here, right? Ooblets can only be collected after you grow them in your garden, but the lovely residents of Badgetown will give you your first ooblet as a welcoming gesture—you just need to join a club first.

The four different clubs are listed below and include the key details on what ooblet you get for joining each and what special abilities your new pocket-sized BFF will bring to your squad. So, here are all the possible Ooblets clubs you can join, and how it all works.

How Ooblets clubs work

To choose which ooblet you start with, Mayor Tinstle encourages you to decide between four different Ooblets clubs, each of which with their own themes and personality. Each leader will give you a short pitch about why you should join their club and, depending on which one entices you, you get a specific ooblet. 

These clubs are more of an aesthetic choice (at least in Early Access), but you won't be able to switch clubs after you've made your decision. Although you'll be locked in with one club, you'll still be able to go to the other group's clubhouses and hang out with their members. 

The one thing your choice of club impacts is your ooblet collection. The three other ooblets you don't choose will still be available to acquire, just not for a while. You'll need to unlock the 'More Ooblets' option in the wishing well three times to nab those three critters. With this in mind, base your judgement on what club personality you like and which ooblet appeals to you the most. With that in mind, here they are:

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The Frunbuns, led by Melda, are an ooblet club for those who love all things cute. They are the most social group and enjoy baking sweet treats, and anything that sparkles. If you join this club, Melda will give you Tud, a frog-like ooblet who specialises in hyping up your team in battle. 

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The Peaksnubs are a team that pride themselves on being born leaders and strong competitors. They're led by Bazil. They've got quite the ego and love flaunting their cash. Joining this club gets you Bittle, a grumpy beetle ooblet that specialises in stealing points from the opposing team. 

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Led by socially awkward club leader Videon, the Mimpins are an ooblet club for clever people who love to tinker. They love staying indoors and crafting items on their workbenches. Picking this club gets you Sidekey, a wind-up-toy robot who lets you play dance moves more than once in a turn.  

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If you love the outdoors and getting your boots all muddy, the Mossprouts are for you. Led by club leader Outgrid, the Mossprouts like being out in nature and exploring the world of Oob. If you join the Mossprouts, your ooblet squad will be graced with Shrumbo, a redcap mushroom who specialises in cheap but powerful point-based dance moves. 

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