The best Midnight Suns characters

midnight suns characters
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There are 12 Midnight Suns characters, and though you can make best friends with all of them through the many hangouts and conversations that punctuate the campaign, you'll face tougher choices putting together a three-hero kickball team that can defeat Hydra.

You'll want to use each of Midnight Suns' heroes on at least a few missions in order to unlock and upgrade some of their cards, particularly heroes like Wolverine and Ghost Rider who have less-than-great starting decks.

Some of these characters are unlocked later in the campaign, so we've placed those in a special "spoiler" section at the end if you want to preserve these reveals (which Midnight Suns telegraphs pretty strongly, in my opinion).

Certain characters play off one another better than others, and what type of mission you're facing is absolutely a consideration. But over the course of my 60-plus hours, I found the most general success in this team comp:

💪 A bruiser who has 2+ cards that inflict triple-digit damage on heavy enemies

🦸‍♀️ A support character who can trigger powerful status effects or prevent damage

🔀 A hero who either specializes in knockback or clearing out zero-HP minions that arrive as reinforcements

Note: For each hero's "Best card," I'm excluding Legendary cards which are obviously powerful, and obtained by completing special Challenge missions unlocked by reaching Friendship Level 5 with them. You'll probably want to run those cards no matter what.

Midnight Suns characters

  1. Hunter
  2. Ghost Rider
  3. Nico Minoru
  4. Captain Marvel
  5. Doctor Strange
  6. Magik
  7. Iron Man
  8. Spider-Man (unlocked early)
  9. Captain America (unlocked early)
  10. Wolverine (unlocked a little later)
  11. Scarlet Witch (unlocked about halfway through)
  12. Hulk (unlocked late game)

The best Midnight Suns characters

Midnight Suns tips

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Pros: The largest and most adaptable deck in the game; several dual-use heal or hurt cards; a couple of useful card draw abilities; Heroism generation

Cons: Composing a synergistic deck isn't as straightforward as the other heroes

Best cards: Guarding Strike (free heal just by remaining in your hand, but a moderately powerful attack too); Holy Spark (Quick, but can also cure allies)

midnight suns characters

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Nico Minoru

Pros: Very high damage ceiling; big heals; final passive draws cards

Cons: High risk, high reward; starting cards like Curse and Empower aren't great

Best cards: Witchfire (Damage a random enemy, recasts on KO); Blood For Blood (triggers heal on a KO)

A-tier Midnight Suns characters (Great)

midnight suns characters

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Iron Man

Pros: Versatile; his Quick abilities also carry knockback; many of his abilities are enhanced by redraw

Cons: True to his egotistic personality, his deck doesn't synergize much with other heroes

Best cards: Quick Blast (Quick + damage + knockback); Air Superiority (Hits every enemy, damage boosted by redraw)

midnight suns characters

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Captain America

Pros: Huge block generation; block-taunt-counter combo can be devastating; card draw

Cons: Taunt can backfire; mainly a support character

Best cards: Shield Bounce (damage and taunt enemies in an area)

midnight suns characters

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Pros: Balanced mix of multi-target, knockback, status effects

Cons: Lacks a heavy finisher ability on bosses

Best card: Opportunist (Makes environment attacks free, +2 moves)

B-tier Midnight Suns characters (Good)

midnight suns characters

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Captain Marvel

Pros: Self-sufficient; bonafide bruiser with a good beam ability

Cons: Have to play Go Binary to unlock her full power; taunting can bring damage that removes Binary; no true "bomb" card

Best card: Photon Beam (Damage and taunt enemies in a line)

midnight suns characters

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Pros: Excellent sustain; heavy single-target damage

Cons: Abilities are best played in a particular order to set off the combo

Best card: Stake (big lifesteal heroic)

midnight suns characters

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Scarlet Witch

Pros: Great crowd control; AoE supports provide protection (but clustering your heroes is generally a bad idea); rare Quick ability knocks back in any direction; Hex Mark can gain "On redraw, gain concealed"

Cons: Her starting deck is pretty bad; cards heavily dependent on positioning; low base damage; many abilities don't pay off immediately

Best cards: Detonate (blows up an environmental explosive for massive damage and radius); Chaos Field (Allies near Scarlet Witch gain resist and heal)

Midnight Suns dr strange character

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Doctor Strange

Pros: Surprisingly versatile; two powerful "Epic" cards that can negate damage completely

Cons: Some heroic cards require 4-6 heroism for max effect; slow setups

Best card: Shield of the Serpahim (adds resist to the whole team); Agamotto's Gaze (4 cards on the next turn, draws last 2 attacks)

C-tier Midnight Suns characters (Less-viable, or OK with caveats)

midnight suns characters

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Pros: The most knockout-focused hero in Midnight Suns; Portal is a hole you can use to set up advantageous enemy collisions and is quite fun; very viable when paired with heroes characters who don't run lots of knockback cards

Cons: Reinforcement and Banish are cool but expensive rare abilities; almost none of her cards deal direct damage; fairly low damage overall

Best card: Limbo's Grasp (bonus damage to enemies punted through portals) 

Hulk in midnight suns yelling at a computer

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Pros: Giant damage when rage is maxed; Rage boosts team-up attacks and counter 

Cons: Slow to build maximum rage; awkward starting deck; expensive heroism card cost; best combo requires stunning and then attacking enemies; he's the last character you unlock

Best card: Rampage (Chain 3, Taunt)

D-tier Midnight Suns characters (Bad or impractical)

midnight suns characters

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Ghost Rider

Pros: Heavy potential damage; several cards that scale as the battle progresses; Hell Ride is a great finisher

Cons: Starting deck is underwhelming; Soul Drain takes multiple rounds to empower; Drop abilities take multiple plays to execute; other abilities either damage him or gain power too indirectly

Best card: Hell Ride (heavy line attack but discards your entire hand)

midnight suns characters

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Pros: Lots of chain abilities; taunt + lifesteal is sometimes an effective defense; gets a free revive when downed; eventually gets a passive that heals through redrawn Wolverine cards

Cons: Very low damage; he's a tank who gets KO'd often; I'd rather have Quick than Chain in most scenarios

Best card: Stink of Fear (taunt and counter)

Unreleased DLC characters

  • Deadpool
  • Venom
  • Storm
  • Morbius
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