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Meet the ten fearsome hunters of Crucible

crucible characters hunters abilities
(Image credit: Relentless Studios)

A team-based shooter is nothing without its heroes, so get ready to meet the ten Crucible characters in Amazon's new free-to-play game. Spanning human, alien, and even robot species, each character boasts unique abilities that make them formidable in many situations. Whether you're looking to team up in a fearsome duo for Alpha Hunters, or chaotically bundle in to capture hearts in Heart of the Hives, finding the perfect hunter for you is key to dominating each mode.  

The diverse Crucible characters roster offers all sorts of approaches to combat, from landing devastating shots at range to getting right up in your opponents' faces. So I recommend selecting a hunter and experimenting with their abilities when you're starting out. For now, let me introduce you to each of Crucible's hunters and help you get acquainted with their powerful abilities.

But first, what is Essence?

Along with a hunter's unique abilities, Crucible also has you collecting a resource called Essence so you can level up during a match. These level-ups chosen in the pre-match menu help you specialise your character further and span a range of enhancements, from increased damage to extra med kits.      

Collect Essence throughout games by killing AI creatures, eliminating other players, and holding points on the map. If you need a more in-depth introduction to how matches progress, check out my Crucible gameplay (opens in new tab) breakdown.

All Crucible characters and their abilities

(Image credit: Relentless Studios)


Ajonah is a skilled sniper wielding a deadly harpoon. While you need a steady hand to land the most devastatingshots with her, she's powerful enough to deliver critical damage on headshots just by hip firing. Use her grappling hook to reach ledges and perch in a safe spot to eliminate targets from afar.


  • (LMB) Hip Fire: Fire a single harpoon. Headshots deal critical damage. 
  • (RMB) Aimed Fire: Hold to improve accuracy—this reduces your movement speed. Headshots deal critical damage.
  • (Shift) Grappling Hook: Fires a grappling hook. Hold Shift to swing.
  • (Q) Jamming Shroud: Place a device that disrupts detection in the surrounding area. Tap Q again to self-destruct.
  • (E) Squid Mine: Follows target and explodes. Has a slowing effect on enemies.

(Image credit: Relentless Studios)


Bugg is a friendly robot that uses seeds in a supporting role. This big hunk of yellow metal loves plants and uses them to slow enemies and help the rest of the team. Coordinate with your team to corner enemies and overpower them as a group.


  • (LMB) Sprayer: Damages opponents and activates seed pods.
  • (RMB) Seed Pod: Fires a pod that is activated by spraying. 
  • (Shift) Thrusters: Propel yourself forward and vertically.
  • (Q) Shield Burst: Bugg, seed pods, plants and nearby allies gain a temporary shield.
  • (E) Crop Dust: Place a slowing and damaging area of effect.

(Image credit: Relentless Studios)

Captain Mendoza

Channel your inner run-and-gun soldier with Captain Mendoza. Armed with a pulse rifle and a keen eye for enemy targets, this hunter keeps combat familiar and simple. He's a great starter hunter: this all-rounder can hold his own in the arena. Use flash grenades to blind enemies and shred through their health before they have a chance to react.


  • (LMB) Fire: Shoot with a pulse rifle. Headshots deal critical damage. 
  • (RMB) Aimed Fire: Hold to improve accuracy—this reduces your movement speed. Headshots deal critical damage.
  • (Shift) Sprint: Tap/hold to run faster.
  • (Q) Supply Drop: Call in a bunker which knocks back enemies upon landing. Also calls in a med kit.
  • (E) Flash Grenade: Throw to temporarily blind enemies.

(Image credit: Relentless Studios)


Behind Earl's tanky stature and heavy weaponry, he's a big softie. Not only does his exceptional strength allow him to drag a jet engine around Crucible's maps, he's also one of the few hunters that can heal himself and boost his rate-of-fire. He's a great team player, but he can achieve a lot on his own, too.


  • (LMB) Fire: Fires weapon to increase Turbofire. Over time this boosts fire rate.
  • (RMB) Upshift: Shoots a burst of four explosive rounds. Also increases Turbofire.
  • (Shift) Afterburner: Zoom forward at speed.
  • (Q) Tanking Up: Restores health. 
  • (E) Blowback Vents: Knock enemies back and block nearby projectiles.

(Image credit: Relentless Studios)


Summer is a cheerful inferno equipped with all the tools needed to set the enemy squad ablaze. Chase down opponents with your flamethrowers and use Ignition Spark to bump the enemy squad away from capture points. 

All Summer's abilities generate heat. If you overheat, your abilities will be unavailable for a short period of time, so keep those jets cool.


  • (LMB) Flamethrowers: Fire a continuous flame that enemies do not block.  
  • (RMB) Fireball: A long-range projectile that explodes on impact.
  • (Shift) Firepulse Thrusters: Jump up and forward.
  • (Q) Magma Spiral: Create a circle of flaming magma.
  • (E) Ignition Spark: A blast that knocks you and your opponents back.

(Image credit: Relentless Studios)


Known as 'The First Blade of Na Dakkaru', Shakirri is an honourable hunter. Wielding both a sword and pistol, you can get your fix of close-combat melee encounters and ranged gunplay. Shakirri's shields are greatly needed to supplement the playstyles she offers, so knowing how to balance her health and when to attack can influence matches.


  • (LMB-pistol) Fire: Shoot with the Starlock pistol.  
  • (RMB-pistol) Aim: Hold to improve accuracy.
  • (LMB-sword) Swing: Attack with the sword.  
  • (RMB-sword) Disrupting Strike: Unleash an energy wave to disrupt enemies.
  • (Shift) Weapon Swap: Switch between the pistol and sword. Sword stance increases movement speed.
  • (Q) Force Dome: Place a dome that blocks enemy attacks and stops opponents from entering.
  • (E) Holo-Shield: Deploy a shield that deflects projectiles and blocks melee attacks.

(Image credit: Relentless Studios)


Tosca is an evil genius who specialises in acidic weaponry. This lovable ball of fur pesters enemies with poisonous close-range havoc before teleporting to safety. You can even warp through obstacles to evade the clutches of the enemy. Combine Tosca's smoke screen with X-Ray Goggles to bamboozle opponents and bag yourself some easy eliminations. 


  • (LMB) Acid Shot: Fires a scattershot of acid bullets. 
  • (RMB) Adhesive Alpha: Throw an explosive compound that deals damage and slows targets.
  • (Shift) Blink: Short-range teleport that passes through objects and walls.
  • (Q) Electro-Cloud: A smoke screen that blocks line of sight and disrupts enemy detection.
  • (E) X-Ray Goggles: Reveal enemy locations within 50 metres ahead of you.

(Image credit: Relentless Studios)


Drakahl is a ferocious foe desperate for any excuse to swing his axe. He can enter other stances—Enraged and Resonance—to access strong attacks that take full advantage of his violent melee capabilities. Whether you opt for his claw or axe, get ready to deal a lot of damage. Draw injured enemies towards you with Enraged Grab to finish them off quickly.  


  • (LMB) Enraged Claw: Melee attack that generates healing over time.
  • (RMB) Enraged Grab: Short-range attack that pulls an opponent towards you. 


  • (LMB) Resonating Spin: Spinning attack that bleeds all enemies.
  • (RMB) Resonating Quake: Shockwave that stuns and damages nearby enemies.


  • (LMB) Chop: Strike with vibron axe.
  • (RMB) Sonic Pulse: Fire a pulse from vibron axe.
  • (Space) Jink: Propel forward in current direction.
  • (Shift) Rush: Dash forward in the direction the camera is facing.
  • (Q) Enraged Roar: Become enraged. Choose between your enraged abilities.
  • (E) Resonating Axe: Enter Resonating stance. Choose between your resonating abilities.

(Image credit: Relentless Studios)

Rahi & Brother

Rahi and Brother work together to form a powerful force for good in the Crucible universe. Brother can scout ahead and gain information, while Rahi focuses on using shields to protect himself, and helping allies, and dealing damage to opponents. Scoping out an area before charging in is advisable, and can give your team the upper hand if you're hoping to capture a Harvester.


  • (LMB) Laser Beam: Fires the laser to deal damage and generate shields.
  • (RMB) Force Punch: Heavy melee attack that drains personal shields to deal extra damage.
  • (Space) Heroic Bound: Execute a charged, powerful leap. Hold to charge.
  • (Shift) Scouting Ahead: Send Brother to a target to gain better vision of the area. Press Shift again to teleport to Brother's location.
  • (Q) Laugh it Off: Personal shield that increases over time.
  • (E) Shield of Justice: Place a projectile shield on allies. Blinds enemies in its path.

(Image credit: Relentless Studios)


Sazan is an one-woman army. She's tricky to master, but undoubtedly fun to learn. Her abilities span three different weapons and rather than reloading, she switches between them. Picking the opportune moment to close in on a vulnerable enemy with the shotgun, or backing away to slow opponents with the Inertia Gun is a rewarding juggling act.


  • (LMB) Inertia Gun: Fire Inertia Gun bullets to apply a stacking slow effect on opponents. 
  • (LMB) Shotgun: Fire rounds with the Shotgun.
  • (LMB) ElectroKnife: Attack with the ElectroKnife to apply long-lasting damage over time.
  • (RMB) Equip ElectroKnife: Switch to the knife to recharge weapon energy.


  • (Shift) Jet Dash: Dash in the direction of movement.
  • (Q) Equip Inertia Gun: Switch to the Inertia Gun and recharge other weapon energy.
  • (E) Equip Shotgun: Switch to the Shotgun and recharge other weapon energy.
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