Besiege update coming soon, will add a new island


Besiege, the physics based build-'em-up, has already seen some absolutely astounding works of destructive engineering. For all its impressive community output, though, the game is still early in development. After a series of minor patches, it's now set to receive its first major update—a release that its developers say isn't far off. "There are just a few more things that we’d like to add, tweak and give some extra polish to which should take us a few more days," writes Spiderling Studios' 'Von' in a new dev post.

Update v0.1 will add a new island—meaning new structures, enemies and blocks. "The new island will start out with 5 levels," 'Von' wrote in an earlier teaser, "more will be added as time goes on, and offer new challenges to the player."

What the update won't do is update the engine to Unity 5. "There are still bugs that are preventing us from completing the port from Unity 4," 'Von' writes.

With the update still a few days off, the studio has released a couple of new screenshots. It's no coincidence that they're the images found above and below these words.

Besiege ScoutsOfTolbrynd zpsmzia5hfa

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