BenQ’s 32-inch 1440p FreeSync 2 HDR monitor will be available August 7 for $700

BenQ is adding to the growing pile of FreeSync 2 monitors with its EX3203R, a 32-inch curved display with a 2560x1440 resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and HDR support. The previously announced monitor will land on retail shelves on August 7 for $699.99 (MSRP), the company announced today.

The EX3203R will arrive with VESA's entry-level DisplayHDR 400 certification. Among other things, the certification requires that panels be able to produce 400 nits of brightness. That is exactly what the EX3203R is rated to deliver (at peak). BenQ also touts a feature it is calling Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology, or B.I. + Tech. This is supposed to reduce eye strain by dynamically adjusting the brightness and color temperature in response to ambient lighting.

Other specs include a 4ms response time, 3,000:1 contrast ratio, and a claimed 95 percent coverage of the sRGB color space (90 percent of DCI-P3) for accurate colors. Connectivity consists of two HDMI 1.4 ports, a DisplayPort 1.2 port, and a USB Type-C port.

We have not spent any hands-on time with this display, though the paper specs look promising. However, BenQ may want to rethink its pricing. Samsung's 32-inch CHG70 with quantum dot technology features similar specs all around, but is $599.99. Same goes for AOC's Agon AG322QC4. We're not seeing anything that would justify a $100 premium on the EX3203R, if that's what it ends up selling for on the street.

Paul Lilly

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