Battlerite's Prehistoric Mania event includes unlockable, limited-time mounts and cosmetics

Three weeks after going free-to-play, Battlerite is getting a timed event in the form of Prehistoric Mania, developer Stunlock Studios announced today. Prehistoric Mania begins today and runs through Tuesday, December 12, and it's bringing a wealth of new collectibles with it. 

Leading the charge are two new paired mounts: the Peaceful and Engraged Triceratops. To unlock them, you need only complete matches in casual mode, league mode, or the newly added battlegrounds mode. You need to complete 25 matches to get the Peaceful Triceratops, and 65 for the Enraged variant. 

Completing matches and leveling your account during the event will also net you special prehistoric chests. These can be earned freely, or purchased with paid currency. The full spoils include:

  •  Six legendary outfits 
  •  10 epic weapons 
  •  10 rare poses 
  •  Three epic mounts 
  •  One legendary mount 
  •  20 avatars 

The update coinciding with the event's launch also includes changes to social notifications as well as tweaks to several champions. You can find more details in the full patch notes.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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