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Battlefield Hardline release date revealed in first trailer

Battlefield Hardline
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With under a week to go before its E3 announcement , and after a few leaks (including this trailer earlier today), EA has officially released the first trailer for Battlefield Hardline. Instead of Battlefield's usual war theme, Hardline is about "the battle between cops and criminals," and Dead Space developer Visceral Games is on the job. According to the trailer, it'll be out October 21st.

Hardline isn't Visceral's first experience with DICE's Battlefield series: it also developed Battlefield 3's End Game DLC. It's still a departure for a developer known for Dead Space, The Godfather, and James Bond games. Another shocking departure: the first trailer isn't about an army of foghorns attacking a broken PA system. It's a Hollywood-style crime montage set to Jamie N Commons an X Ambassadors' "Jungle."

We'll have much more information about Hardline after the big reveal at EA's press conference on Monday. Though at the rate Hardline has been leaking, maybe EA will just throw its hands up and release the game four months early.

Tyler Wilde
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