Battlefield: Hardline footage escapes from EA, watch it quick before it's captured

It seems that every element of Battlefield: Hardline has been smuggled online. First, its very existence was leaked , before being grudgingly confirmed by EA . Now a video, featuring seven minutes of footage from Visceral's game, has made its way onto YouTube. It will inevitably be removed, but if you're quick, you'll be able to steal it with your eyes.

If that video goes down, NeoGAF has secured a cheeky mirror.

From the looks of the video, Hardline (codenamed Omaha at the time it was recorded) can be described as Battlefield, Payday and GTA: Online all rolled into one. Expect heists, helicopters and a whole lot of ziplines across a variety of cops-'n-robbers-based game modes. It's a strange direction for the Battlefield series to take, but there's an entertaining silliness to what they're showing.

We'll see the full, official Hardline reveal at E3, during EA's conference on June 9th.

Phil Savage

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