Battlefield: Bad Company series will return, after a "very long vacation"

The gold-obsessed scamps of Battlefield: Bad Company will return, DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson has revealed. Of course, he revealed this at an event for Battlefield 4, which, as you might imagine, means that we won't be seeing the third entry in the series for a while. Especially with DICE's commitments away from modern military men shooting each other, with Mirror's Edge 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront.

"My feeling is that I would love to do it," Gustavsson said. "For me, when we started the company with 1942, it was really a work of passion. And then we worked our way through the era of different wars, and I loved them all, like my little babies. When it came to Bad Company, it was creative freedom; don't take yourself too seriously.

"So I love it. I want to see it again. Whether it can happen [right] now with the newly announced Mirrors Edge 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront ... but we'll see," he said. "Trust me, the Bad Company [team] isn't forgotten, they are just on a very long vacation. So they are out there, they're coming back."

For singleplayer Battlefield fans, this is probably good news, with Bad Company 2 offering heaps more personality than the largely superfluous and, at times, actively rubbish Battlefield 3 campaign. Beyond that, the online portion also felt different. Not sillier, per se, but less dedicated to the Gritty™ Massive™ Warfare™ of the latter entries in Battlefield's main wing. Bad Company 2's Rush maps have been responsible for some of my favourite bits of co-ordinated multiplayer action and, however Battlefield 4 turns out, it would be nice to see them return to that eventually.

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