Battlefield 5's next map is 'all-out war' on a gorgeous Mediterranean island

The Tides of War are bringing a new map to Battlefield 5 called Mercury that will be based on the events of the Battle of Crete, in which German invaders overwhelmed British, Greek, and ANZAC defenders to capture the strategically important Mediterranean island. 

Mercury—named after its German designation Operation Mercury—is "a proper all-out war map" with "classic rock/paper/scissors gameplay": The British have tanks, the Germans have planes, and the analogy kind of falls apart at that point because there are no metaphorical scissors.

The map is "medium-large" in size, with five capture points that illustrate the varied terrain it offers: A quite cove surrounded by rocky cliffs; the abandoned home of a wealth family that sits above old olive groves; a large radar installation; a small village; and a marina with an open capture area surrounded by hills and houses. The layouts focus on "verticality" and EA warned that "attacks can come from unexpected directions and there are many flanking routes to keep an eye on." 

Battlefield 5's Mercury map will go live on May 30, and will be free for all players. Get the details at

Andy Chalk

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