Battlefield 4's massive 'Fall' patch now live

BF4 fall

DICE's spelling of the word 'Autumn' continues to confound me, but I can get behind their ginormo 'Fall' patch for Battlefield 4, which adds a new sub-game mode and and tweaks a bunch of things the community wanted tweaked. It's a big patch, in both senses of the word, being a not-inconsiderable 1.16GB download on PC. The update's live on Origin now, and while there are no patch notes available yet [Update: here they are], we kinda already know most of what it contains.

Among other changes, the patch alters player movement so that it's "almost identical" to Battlefield 3's, while tweaking the revive mechanic and making changes to the 'visual recoil' of close and medium-range weapons. It also tidies up the HUD and adds a new sub-game mode named Obliteration. That's the one where players finally put down their weapons and hug their problems out instead, if I understand correctly.

You can find an overview of the giant 'Fall' patch right here, or read these patch notes for a more detailed look at today's update. They're a bit too enormous to copy-and-paste.

Tom Sykes

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