Battlefield 4 Fall Patch is "right around the corner"

Fall is coming, and so too is the Battlefield 4 Fall Patch. It's a big one, with changes to game modes, sight improvements, modified player movement, and a "massive" final fix list, and it's expected to be here by the end of the month.

Battlefield 4 Live Producer David Sirland said in the announcement of the forthcoming patch that there have been fewer updates than usual on the Community Test Environment because developer DICE has been focused on stabilizing and finalizing the build. The certification process has now begun on "several" platforms, however, and the hope is that it will be ready to go live by September 30.

The full list of fixes won't be released until then, but highlights include the addition of the Obliteration Competitive sub-game mode, the elimination of "visual recoil" in the close and medium range sight reticules, changes to player movement to make it "almost identical" to Battlefield 3 (but with Battlefield 4 animation sets), changes to the revive mechanic, updates to weapons and attachments, and more.

The new Teamplay Initiative will also be implemented, although that will "span more than one release, as there are many things to look at," Sirland wrote. "We will of course continue looking at the previous remaining issues and fixes in the areas of Netcode, Core Gameplay and balance as we go on."

"This small list of features only scratch the surface of what we want to look at," he added. "A full list of our goals with this initiative will be published on the CTE this week if you are interested what we'll be working on in following releases." Community Test Environment access is available to Battlefield 4 Premium members on PC.

Andy Chalk

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