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Battlefield 4 system requirements released

DICE have tweeted an image of Battlefield 4's system specs, giving us a chance to see the consequence of all that Levoluting . More importantly, it's an opportunity to judge how our brave PCs will deal with a game that's also parachuting into the DMZ that separates the old and new consoles. Will you be able to handle the coming year of AAA gaming without reinforcing with new components? What they've provided is by no means a definitive answer, but it's a useful early indicator of where we stand.

Here's what you'll need, in minimum and recommended flavours:

What this suggests is that, if you took a dart and threw it in the direction of a collection of gaming PCs built or released in the last 5+ years, you'll hit something that falls somewhere in between the two. The minimum mirrors that of Battlefield 3, with the exception of a RAM bump, while the recommended is a pretty significant increase - one that's supposedly specced for Windows 8.

The real test will be how systems at the lower end of these announced requirements perform. We won't know that until November 1st, when the game is launched.

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