Battlefield 4 Spring Patch brings new weapons, Gun Master

This picture was in our image server under the title

This picture was in our image server under the title "Helicoshootmantime", which is accurate, I guess.

DICE has detailed the upcoming Spring Patch for Battlefield 4, due out later this month. It's a very gunny update, bringing as it does five new guns, a gun balance pass and the return of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters' Gun Master mode.

Of the new guns, there will be a "fan favourite" assault rifle, a carbine, a PDW, a sidearm and an LMG. I don't think I've ever had a favourite assault rifle, but then, I just had to look up what PDW means—personal defence weapon, apparently—so clearly I'm just not that into guns.

As for the balance pass, here is a neat picture that explains the new damage, falloff and suppression system:

Bf4 Spring Patch Blog

For more specifics on what the new system entails, you can check out DICE's post to the CTE wiki.

As for Gun Master, it will be familiar to players of the Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC, or Counter-Strike's Gun Game mod. It's a team deathmatch in which players progress through a pre-selected weapon tree with every two consecutive kills. Five weapon presets will be available, including 'Troll,' which starts players with ballistic shields and "it’s downhill from there."

Finally, there'll be the old PC favourite: stability and netcode updates.

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