Battlefield 4 creative director on single-player: "Players want to feel smart"

Battlefield 4 will see a "crossbreeding" between its online multiplayer and single-player campaign, according to a new interview with the game's creative director Lars Gustavsson at CVG . He appeared adamant in his comments that—at least for the moment—building a convincing single-player experience is integral to DICE's approach to the Battlefield series.

"The future will tell, but where we come from we do single player because we want to and we've learned a lot while doing it, and I think we have a great story to tell," Gustavsson told CVG.

We've heard before about DICE's plan to up the quotient of epic moments with its Levolution concept , which aims to bring more narrative-based, map-altering possibilities to multiplayer. Players should be able to trigger skyscraper collapses, shipwrecks, and flooded streets in order to switch up the competitive advantage in B4's online play . But the exchange of influence will affect the single-player campaign as well, according to Gustavsson.

"What we promised ourselves [with Battlefield 4] was to unify the product more, so we infused a lot of the things from multiplayer—from being able to use your squad—into multiplayer, so now you can use them in single player to engage enemies," he said. "First and foremost we're opening up the encounters more to give you the freedom to decide how to tackle them, whereas in Battlefield 3 it was more 'pick up that one and kill that one,' which I can agree is not the most exciting way. Players want to feel smart doing what they're doing."

DICE is currently running its multiplayer beta and players are already getting a first look at just what sort of infusion is or isn't taking place, at least on the multiplayer side of things. You can check out our first impressions of the beta here . Battlefield 4 launches October 29.