Battlefield 3 PC patch will land tomorrow

Battlefield 3 thumb

A tweet from DICE community manager Daniel Matros says that we'll be getting the humongous Battlefield 3 patch tomorrow. "Coming in hot we will go into maintenance mode from 9-11:30 CET," he says. The comprehensive update will affect almost every aspect of the game, from weapon balance to UI bits like the minimap, it'll even add an improved command rose with extra contextual options to help players communicate more efficiently when driving vehicles.

The patch will also fix a ton of bugs, hopefully removing some of the niggling problems that we've been putting up with since Battlefield 3 was released back in October.

Matros says that there are "more details coming on the blog," which will hopefully have news on whether the PC will get the unlock packs that were added to the PS3 edition yesterday. These shortcut packs can be bought to unlock guns and gadgets for each infantry class and vehicles, saving the large amounts of time it'd take to unlock them through Battlefield 3's levelling system.

We learned recently that the massive patch could have been delivered in increments earlier on PC if it wasn't for the lengthy certification process patches need to go through to get onto consoles. It's been a bit of a wait, but it's finally almost here. Given the number of tweaks, BF3 should feel quite different once it's landed.

Tom Senior

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