Battlefield 3 patch incoming, new Close Quarters screens vandalise Ziba Tower

Battlefield 3 cuddles

The massive Battlefield 3 patch that DICE have been working on is almost here. The BF3 blog spotted a tweet from Battlefield community manager Daniel Matros confirming that the latest update is going through certification with Microsoft and Sony. The PC version of the patch doesn't need certification, of course, but DICE are planning to update the game on all platforms at the same time. We'll just have to stand here tapping our feet impatiently. Tap tap tap.

BF3 blog point out that previous patches have taken a week to go through the process, so we could be playing a very different Battlefield 3 by the time April arrives. The patch makes hundreds and hundreds of changes to weapons, vehicles and gadgets

After the patch, we can look forward to the Close Quarters DLC pack, which will add four new infantry maps and a big of new guns. It'll also feature very fragile scenery. See the new Ziba Tower map get torn to pieces in the latest Battlefield 3 trailer , and these new screens.

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