DICE hint at Battlefield 2143 with another Wake Island Easter egg

bf3 2143 thumb

Battlefield 3's Wake Island might as well be called “Easter Egg Island” due to the amount of content tucked away in obscure corners of the map. What is this hint? A futuristic warrior hiding up a tree? A gunship hidden at the bottom of the ocean? Neither, according to bf3blog.com - who also posted the above image. It's the numbers “2143” painted on a wall. It could be a hint that the eagerly-awaited sequel to future manshoot Battlefield 2142 is in the pipeline, or it could be that one of the developers wanted to make a note of his PIN number.

In addition, a Reddit user found a toy dinosaur tucked in a cave on one of the maps. Apparently there are six scattered across the map, with this YouTube user on a mission to find them all. To be honest, they're the most rubbish in-game toy dinosaurs I've ever seen. If I was a child and I got one of these for Christmas I would be bitterly disappointed. They make Barney look like the monster from Cloverfield.