Battlefield 3 double XP event begins today, runs to Monday

Battlefield 3 loves a good multiplayer event, but the whopping 96-hour double XP event planed for the beginning of May had to be postponed when the game's servers were hit by a DDOS attack . Everyone loves a good multiplayer shindig, it seems, except the hackers.

DICE has gotten the speedbumps sorted out now, though, and the May 2XP event starts now. Beginning today and running through May 27, all players in Battlefield 3 will receive double experience points. Just play on any ranked server in that 96-hour window and rake in the rewards. For exact start times, DICE has thoughtfully included a worldwide announcement clock here .

If you happen to be slogging through the levels in search of your next unlockable, spending some time in the servers this weekend will save you a bucket of time. You can RSVP on Facebook , if that sounds like your kind of thing, or just log in and start shooting.

If Battlefield 3 has lost its luster for you, read through our wishlist for Battlefield 4 , kick back and dream of happier days with, wistfully, less distortion .