Battleborn is already 40% off on Steam

I challenged myself to get through this whole post without mentioning Overwatch once, and apart from when I mentioned it just then, I reckon I'll fulfil that challenge admirably. Battleborn is that other colourful shooter about a bunch of madcap, zany heroes, and it's a fairly good one, according to Jem Alexander.

On the whole, the critical and sales reception has been more muted than it has been for O...ther games in the genre, which might be why it's received a massive temporary price cut, less than four weeks after release. March your way to Steam, and you'll see that Battleborn is currently on sale for 40% off. That price applies to both the regular version and the 'digital deluxe' edition, which lobs in the season pass and some other gubbins too. You have just over a day left to take advantage of the offer.

There has never been a better time to buy Battleborn, something you might understandably be a bit miffed about if you paid full price for the game just a few weeks ago.

A few days ago, Battleborn received a patch that introduced a new character, Alani, while rebalancing Ambra and Gaililea, and making various other tweaks. You'll find the full patch notes here.

Tom Sykes

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