Batman: Arkham Knight release date pushed to June 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight was originally supposed to hit the streets in 2014, but halfway through the year Warner Bros. put on the brakes and pushed it into 2015 . There was speculation that it wouldn't be too deep into next year, but the proper release date was revealed today and as it turns out, that speculation was a bit optimistic.

"Be the Batman!" the image posted today on Twitter insists, although the exclamation point was my addition. But not until June, I'm afraid: June 2, to be precise. That is perhaps a longer wait than a lot of you were expecting or hoping for, but the Batman moves in mysterious ways and he does not concern himself with your petty demands.

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The good news is that you now have plenty of time to preorder the game, which as we mentioned in July will net the Harley Quinn and Red Hood story packs. The bad news is more or less a self-explanatory: June 2015 is nine months off, and that's a long wait for anyone looking to lay down some "Bam! Pow! OOF!" on the Riddler's rats.

Andy Chalk

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