Batman: Arkham Knight mod fills age-old plot hole about how the Dark Knight stays hydrated, blasts Dr Pepper toward thugs 'at a solid 112MPH'

Batman reaches out, yearningly, for a can of Dr Pepper in Arkham Knight.
(Image credit: MrBinks / Rocksteady)

Look, I'm not going to lie to you, this is very stupid. So stupid that it might be very important? No. But it has produced some truly spectacular screenshots, and I'll be good and goddamned if I don't gin up some excuse to show them to you.

I'm talking, of course, about The Dr Pepper, a mod for Batman: Arkham Knight that replaces the Dark Knight's Freeze Blast gadget with a, uh, can of Dr Pepper. Yes.

(Image credit: MrBinks / Rocksteady)

Created by a modder named MrBinks—who usually dabbled in suit mods before experiencing some kind of traumatic, soda-related life event—The Dr Pepper pledges to answer the age-old question "How in the hell does the so-called 'Dark Knight' stay hydrated?" A question that's animated forums and comment sections for years if not decades.

"THAT is exactly how our wonderful Dark Knight stays hydrated," rants MrBinks "he brings thirst to a stop in the name of vengeance with this beautiful drink… He sees a thirsty thug and a can of ice cold refreshing Dr Pepper is flying at their face at a solid 112 MPH (FASTER THAN ANY BASEBALL PLAYER EVER) directly towards their mouth." I believe this person may need help. I hope, selfishly, they never get it.

(Image credit: MrBinks / Rocksteady)

A bit like the Fallout 4 mod that did nothing but kill you before the end of the intro to preserve "realism," The Dr Pepper belongs to that category of user creations whose impact far outweighs the scale of their ambition. I admit, it cracked me up, and seeing Bats pose with cans of the soft drink feels like stumbling across relics of some '90s ad campaign that never made it to air.

If, in the year of our Lord 2024, you're interested in modding a can of Dr Pepper into Batman: Arkham Knight, then first of all good for you. You can do it using the TFC Installer. Just point that tool at your Arkham Knight directory and then point it at the mod folder. Then stay hydrated.

(Image credit: MrBinks / Rocksteady)
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