Batman: Arkham City trailer gets villainous, something Strange in the neighbourhood

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Frankly Batman: Arkham City looks as though it's going to be fantastic, but we won't know for sure on PC until November. Arkham City is out next week on consoles, which means there's already footage appearing from a few of its set pieces. The launch trailer above provides a nice, spoiler free overview.

Essentially, Gotham City is overrun. Hugo Strange has united a cabal of Batman's most terrifying foes. Now Batman's going to have to fly into those streets and punch them all one at a time until Gotham is safe. Even that won't solve Gotham's most pressing problem, though. Whatever happened to daytime? Who stole the sun?

Below you'll find another seven minutes of in-game video from CVG , in which Batman must track down the origin of a sniper's bullet using Bat-smarts and a hallucinatory detective mode.

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